Macintosh Classic

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Model Identifier:17
Model Number:M1420
Order Number:-
Built Date:-

Processor:Motorola 68000
Speed:8 MHz

Memory:4 MB
Graphics Card:-
Floppy:1.44 MB


Serial Number:-
Installed OS:-

Bought this computer in perfect working condition. The challenge is, to get software onto this computer, since it is not connected to any network.

So, the only alternative is the use of floppy disks. I found an old box with some 3 1/2 " floppy disks in a drawer. I remembered storing them there many years ago in case I would need them. And now the day has come. I bought a noname usb floppy drive. Seriously, NONAME. No name on the drive and no name on the box. I was a bit sceptic if it would work, but it does.

So far, I have formatted a disk in the Classic and then copied files to the disk on an iMac G4. The Classic reads the copied files without problems.

The computer has changed colors over the years, I did some research on the internet, if anything can be done about that. What I found was not very promising. But I will do some tests on my own.

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I found another Classic that is also working perfectly and has almost no discoloration!

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