When I bought my first Apple computer in 2004, I had no idea that it would turn into something special. I have used several different Apple computers since then. But there was always this urge to start collecting those beautiful machines.

I have finally decided to follow this inner urge and started buying old Apple computers.

My goal is to get these vintage Macs running, replace faulty parts and upgrade them with current hardware (like a SSD for example) if possible and necessary.

I found many pages on the internet with resources for doing so. Sometimes I had to use different sites to piece together the information needed.

And that is the reason why I started creating this page. As time goes by, it will be hard for me to track down the steps I took as I worked on a certain computer. This site is intended to function as a journal.

For me, so I can always revisit what I've done and for you to give you inspiration or advice.

Advice number one: Get the necessary (and right) tools!

I highly recommend at least the following:

64 Bit Driver Kit
Metal Spudger Set